While I have a ton of gear that I use ever day, I wanted to take a minute to talk about 3 things that have helped me completely change the way that I work!1

1. My Black Rapids Double harness

I cannot tell you how much I love this thing. It has allowed me to have access to two very different vantage points at the same time. While I know that this can be done by utilizing a zoom lens, I love my primes and the ability to shoot a bit shallower, thus having my 35mm ready to go on my leftwith my 85mm on the right has been so great! And the Black Rapids Double Breathe has been super durable with absolutely no issues with fraying or malfunctioning over the past two years.

2. Godox Rolling Bag

While I get it, its just a bag, I have to disagree! This bag has helped me organize my life! When I first started out, I used to bring all of my light stands and equipment into each wedding in my old football duffle bag and it started to deteriorate very quickly, which left me looking like a slum with this raddy old back and some lighting equipment. Fast forward to me purchasing the Godox rolling back for under $150, and now I feel great walking into each wedding feeling like a professions. More than this is the fact that all of my equipment is nicely stored and organized, meaning that I am never worried about a small item falling out of a hole in the bag or everything falling apart while I am walking – trust me a serious worry that I had! The bag itself holds 3 softboxes, 3 light stands, my tripod, two of my flashes and a number of other flash modifiers and brackets. Between this and my main camera bag, I have everything I need to succeed on the big day.

3. Dubsado

Dubsado is the CRM tool that I use to help track my clients, accept credit card payments, and do so much more. The tool has really opened my eyes as to what being a professional is in this industry, as it is about so much more than just capturing the wedding day! It is about quickly responding to questions and ensuring that every client gets the information they need to help me do my job the best I can! the online software allows me to send my contract and invoices to clients online, store all my client notes in each project while also scheduling everything from consultations, engagement photos and tracking my booked wedding dates.

Overall, while I can do a lot of this on my own, the functionality of the software is so easy to use I really do suggest it to everyone! So check out Dubsado for you!