While I am constantly driving everywhere, from my commute to work during the week, to across Southern Ontario for weddings most Saturdays, I love listening to my music playlists, but I also love listening to podcasts about some of my favourite topics: Football; business; and photography.  Each podcast is a mix of pertinent information on the topic, while also incorporating a lot of humour – because life isn’t meant to be entirely serious!!  So without further adoo, lets get into it:


The Dave Damishek Football Podcast: I have been following Dave for many years as I always loved his Shame Report during the NFL seasons, but it wasn’t until earlier this year that I realized that he has his own podcast too! Along side his regular guests NFL Hall of Famers and NFL employees of Maurice Jones Drew, David Carr, Matt Money Smith, Handsome Hank and so many more he breaks down all the games and NFL news in this podcast that comes out every Tuesday and Thursday.

Pardon My Take: If you are looking for an update about all things football every week, while also discussing other major sports news and a lot of jokes, this is a great podcast for you! PMT is under the umbrella of Bar Stool Sports which focuses on the news with a less serious attitude.  Regardless these guys have done very well for themselves and regularly have big names in the sports world on to chat – including Mark Wahlberg, Danna White and Blake Bortles.

Around the League: A podcast filled with Hero within the walls of NFL.com, Dan, Gregg, Mark and Chris discuss all things NFL giving a game by game recap and preview each week as well as their input on the latest NFL news.


Goal Digger Podcast: Jenna Kutcher is a photographer who has refocused her business into an educational platform, offering both free and paid for marketing and social media tips for entrepreneurs.  While the podcast is mainly targeting girl bosses, I have found that a lot of the podcasts have a ton of useful tips for this guy as I have been growing my own business!

Mistakes Make Magic: Catherine Guidry hosts this podcast for entrepreneurial creatives and talks about the mistakes that she has made while growing her business, as well as discussing business practices and lessons learned with big industry forces like Jasmine Star and Janna Williams.  If you are a creative looking to start your own business, this is definitely a good spot to tune into!


Wedding Photographers Unite!: This is one of my favourite podcasts as Andy, Jim and Neal give the listener a sneak peak into their day-to-day work as full time wedding photographers in Western New York area.  At the same time they are completely open about everything about their business: mistakes they have suffered; the conundrums that they overcome and any questions that the listeners send in.  Highly recommended for anyone that is looking to get into wedding photography, and they have their own facebook group!

Musea: Michael Howard is the owner of Musea Labs and while he runs this print shop, he also releases a few podcasts each year that focus around him chatting with some of his favourite photographers.  The conversation is a little unstructured, but the content and quality of the conversations are absolutely phenomenal.  Michael has been recording these podcasts for the past several years, and while he does not record as much as he used to, anyone new to the podcast is sure to get a lot out of them as he interviews photographers like Jose Villa, Erich McVey and Kirk Mastin.

The Candid Frame: This podcast focuses on street style photographers where the host Ibarionex Perello lets the listener join in on the conversations he has with a plethora of photographers across the world.  While I do not practice a lot of street style photography, I absolutely love hearing about the concepts that Ibarionex and his interviewees discuss each week as I always find some nugget of information that I can use in my own practice.