Draft Recap

  • BigDickPlayers

This league veteran and past winner, knows how to pick an all-star team. The only member of his starting lineup that wouldn’t consistently put up !0+ points a week is Hooper. With a strong bench the only problem Pete looks to have is who to start and who to trade to Scuba. 

Strength: Deep WR rooster/ Defense getting more points than matches he has on tinder

Weakness: More material needed in the crotch/ Chances that David Johnson gets hurt with a run strong offence same a Juice having a baby boy

  • Ramrod

Nolan is most certainly JFL rusty taking a QB in the 3rd round. At least he can spend more time with his new wife as his team will take care of itself on his way to the playoffs. With KC bye coming week 12, by that time Nolan should be due for a loss at 11-0.  

Strength: Solid QB, RB, WR

Weakness: Never gets wavier picks

  • Manny Martinez

John makes strong, safe bets with his first 3 picks, maybe 4, locking his season in as a top contender. His discipline and insights quickly came to an end and once those picks where made, he lost his place in daft kit and went rogue like his facial hair. 

Strength: Great team balance, consistent 110+ points per weeks  

Weakness: Might as well not even have a bench/ Fingers crossed McCaffrey doesn’t get hurt first week

  • Casino

Casino whose hair matches that of his new favourite RB, makes big moves and big bets on Cowboys coming to an agreement with Zek. Love the payout as he would have an unbeatable lineup cashing in 40+ points a week from his RB and would be able to pay off the rings with the league winnings. However if they cant reach an agreement Zek will spend the season like Casino spends his weekdays at home on the couch or in traffic.

Strength: Best pair of RBs since 2018 Steelers 

Weakness: All in on the chance that Zek gets paid and Maddie says yes

  • IsJoeFlaccoElite

Bold move taking TE in the second round but Jeff gets the best TE or a good WR, great audible, I like the move. Will Bell be the same as we remember, we all hope so and most certainly Jeff as his season depend on him staying healthy and being the force he once was. I love the addition of Marlon Mack as Luck is out, he’s going to have most of the action on the offence. 

Strength: Strong RB combo/ Aaron’s 20+ weeks

Weakness: Jeff’s mustache 

  • Scuba
  • It Ertz When Eifert 

Manny had a tough decision being 4th but was Hopkins the right move, his chest tattoo will let you know how many fucks he gives. The more games Melvin Gordon sits out the more Manny will win. Damien Williams has big shoes to fill but looks like he’s up to the challenge. 

Strength: Still not too late to trade Wilson

Weakness: Kupp could be his kicker, isn’t worth a fuck as a WR

  • Blow Dryer and a Foot Stool

Conner’s and Vance McDonald’s workload is set to increase with Ben losing his boy AB if the old boy has some good balls in the tank. Duke Jonson had some sparks with the Browns, lets hope, for Kyles sake, he can step up with Houston the way Kyle did in getting a real job. Emmanuel Sander’s legs are not what they used to be, will he have a season without injury again? Thomas makes up for his lack of WR depth as a top 3 WR.

Strength: RB depth

Weakness: Sander lasts as long as Kyle with that French chick

  • Big Juicy

Nick had no choice but to draft a WR for the first time in league history as his 1st. Going against the only advice he’s ever gave me, the father to be drafted 2 WR in his first 3 picks, guess someone needs to receive the baby. We may not hear much from this guy this season with a new member to his real team coming soon, maybe that’s why he mailed in his fantasy team. Love David Montgomery as this year’s Rookie of the Year and the only chance to save his season. 

Strength: Gonna be a great dad

Weakness: Keeping his rookie QB and not trading for Brady 

  • 1-3 

I like the hunger and payout of rookie RB, Jacobs is a player that should lead his team in points this season. I’ll say instead of a 1-3 record, Teddy should have a 2-2 record going into the 5th week. Not a fan of the trade as I think Zek will be back soon, but having a reliable WR in Thielen will be the difference in winning matchups as Shepard, Hilton, and Landry will be lucky to get 10 points a week. 

Strength: Deep RB if injury happens

Weakness:  Too much Collective Arts, picking a kicker round 7

  • Dirty Dumper

Bryce is missing his Mac years and looking to relive the glory days through his team from the ‘Dump’. Bryce has solid bets at WR, but his winning record depends on his WRs linking up with their new QBs. But they should have the same chemistry as him and Mia so what could go wrong? With his first two picks as top WR he was left with scraps at RB as JFL only drafts RBs. The injury prone Freeman should get as much action as he had last season with the strong pass offence of Atlanta. 

Strength: Consistently high points form WRs

Weakness: Who will get more points his kicker or his RBs?/ Waivers better than bench

  • Long Live Ben

Did Cam auto draft? His confidence from last season got the best of him. Everyone hopes that Cleveland will have a great season but will Mayfield will live up to the hype of his rookie season? Chances the Browns make the playoffs about the same as Melvin Gordon coming back this season. Cams season depends on a lot of what ifs, and about as stable as the London housing market. The week Hunt comes back at RB will be the same week Cam can throw in the towel. If everything works out Cam make the playoffs, if not the CFL will take Mayfield. 

Strength: Gets to sleep with the Rose Bowl

Weakness: Gordon pulls a Bell, see you next season in Houston

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