Lauren’s Triathlon Journey

Lauren’s Triathlon Journey

Helped from her father’s love of triathlon as she was growing up Lauren found the sport at the age of 9, competeing in her first “Kids of Steel” triathlon. While she primarially focused on competative swimming from this time through university, triathlon became a reprieve from the monotomy of the dotted line as she got older.

Early into her university swimming career, she decided to race in triathlon again, and found that she was extremely competative, placing 2nd at the Multisport race in Bracebridge, which helped to motivate her to see how she could progress in the bike and run portions of the sport.

Since getting back into swim-bike-run she has foundsteady growth in the sport

Outside of Triathlon, Lauren finished her undergraduate degree in Ottawa and then travelled abroad to New Zealand for teacher’s college and now teaches French for grades 7 and 8 back home in Ontario. As a teacher she has found a healthy lifestyle balance between work-life-sport by fitting in 9 workouts a week with a heavier focus on the sport during the summer months after the business of spring report cards.

In 2023, Lauren is focusing on the sprint distance. Having placed 2nd in her age group at Triathlon Esprit de Montreal in 2022, she qualified for the 2023 Sprint distance World Championship in Hamberg, Germany. Here she is looking to see how she stacks up vs the worlds best in her age group. I can’t wait to see how she does!