Jess and Blair: Dundurn Castle

Location: Dundurn Castle, Hamilton

When: December 3rd, 2017

When a mutual friend connected me with Jess and Blair, I was instantly excited due to a common interest we held, as Jess works at Museums while I am a huge history nerd! At the same time, when they suggested we meet at Dundurn Castle, I will admit I was extremely giddy, as I had been looking forward to shooting at this location for some time. The reasoning behind the shoot was that Jess and Blair had just celebrated their five year anniversary (FIVE YEARS!!!) and were hoping to get a few pictures for Christmas gifts to family.  On the day of the shoot, it was a beautiful December day – not too windy or cold – and we had a great time having a mini-tour of the grounds.  It was great to hear about how the two first met in high school but had no interest in one another at the time, but finally connected years later – too cute.  Jess also went abroad for school in the UK at one point and it is so amazing to witness a love that can withstand  such a great distance!!:) Congrats on five years and here is to the next five!

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