In my eyes the best day of the week is Sunday where you will often find me in front of my computer with part of my screen focused on editing photos, while another window has the football game on.

Now that my love of photography and football has been made readily apparent, who am I?  Well, my name is Bryce I live in Kitchener and I too am planning my wedding!  In undergrad I studied Soviet-Economic history, which is actually a lot more interesting than you might think, after which, I completed my MBA, which is where I met the woman that I am lucky enough to call my future bride.

Overall, my path in life has not always been as straight forward due to a few curve balls that have been thrown at me, but I strongly believe in perseverance and the ability to adapt to a changing environment in order to create success from a possible catastrophe.  I think that is this journey really makes life fun and enjoyable as every new twist and turn gives us the ability to grow.  At the same time, I believe that weddings are a perfect microcosm of this believe because you can plan out every detail of your wedding day, but things will still go wrong.  Regardless, at the end of the day you get to work through the issues and marry the one that you love!

Meet Bryce!~

Why Photography?

While a lot of photographers have been in love with their camera since a young age, I did not find this passion until a little bit later as I spent my teens and early 20s focused on music and football.  It wasn’t until I got my first job and had the opportunity to borrow my sister’s camera, while travelling Alberta, that I really fell in love with photography.  Since then I have fallen head over heals for it and find myself consistently developing my style and working on honing my skills.  I originally focused on documenting my own life as my fiancé and I love to travel domestically and internationally, but I have since started to focus on working with others to help tell the story of their biggest life events, which has proven even more rewarding than ever expected.

Photography has thus turned into a major creative and educational outlet for me as there has been so much to learn, but this journey has been a great blessing in my life.

(Above) I always love a picture of someone taking a picture, and this time its me! I loved helping the Pitcher family get some photos together.

My Approach?

My approach to photography is very simple, as I look for natural and raw emotions that make up the overall story of the day.  In my mind, the purpose of looking back at a photo is to bring back a memory, a feeling or a thought from a specific moment in time that has a deep meaning to you, and while it is sometimes important to get the odd posed photo I tend to look for the moments in the day that really depict what is happening.  Those moments aren’t planned, but rather spontaneous, and I pride myself on being there to help preserve them.  At the same time, my photos are very light and airy with pastel colours, which has been influenced from some of my favourite photographers, like Jose Villa, Rylee Hitchner and Jon Canlas.

Thanks for reading!

Bryce M.K. Hudson

(Above) My Fiance and I taking a break while hiking around Cape Spear in Newfoundland.

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