While the focus of every wedding day is always the Bride, as the Groom, you still want to look and feel good too! Often this means getting a new suit, and while some people still dress up formally for work, the large majority do not, which means this could be your first suit choice as an adult! Which leaves the obvious question of what to do and where to go>?!?!?!?!

To start, there are two options to streams to choose from at first when deciding your suit choice, which is to either rent or buy.

Tyler getting ready for his destination wedding in Mexico.


If you are renting, the most popular choice is Moores, but you can also check out Tip Top Tailors and David’s Bridal.  All of these vendors give you the ability meet in store, get your measurements taken and rent the suit of you choice, based on their current offerings. The suit

At the same time, online shopping has become very common, and when it comes to suit rentals, this is also the case! For renting online, there are several major vendors in this market, like: Tuxedo.ca and The Black Tux.

Here, you can measure yourself at home, order a ‘home-try-on’ so that you can test out your suit prior to the big day. Then after the wedding, you can just ship the suit back to them. Easy-peasy!!

So – in review – lets get our yellow legal pad out and go over the pros and cons:


  • Significantly cheaper
  • Fairly easy to order at a store or online


  • You are liable for the suit for any damage it receives on the day of
  • Can be prone to mixing up sizes on the day of your wedding
  • Not tailored specifically for you


The other option to go with is to buy your suit, and once you make the decision to buy, you have a plethora of available options. The most common one for Canadians is still Moores – just like renting. The store has some awesome buy-1-get-1 sales 4ish times per year so if you time everything right, you should be able to find a good deal. You also still have Tip Top Tailor, Stars, and – for you giants like me – Mr. Big & Tall!

At the same time, buying a suit is similar to renting a suit, as there are several vendors who allow you to order suits online by simply sending in your measurements, like; Studio Suits; INDOCHINO; and The Groomsman Suit.

And now it is time to go over the pros and cons for buying a suit for your wedding:


  • You get a suit to wear for formal events
  • No hassle of bringing the suit back after the wedding
  • Increased selection of styles and colours
  • Suit is tailored specifically for you


  • More expensive
  • How often do you wear a suit?


In the end, choose what is best for you as that is what is most important! Personally, I ended up buying my suit from an online vendor – Studio Suits. We had no issue ordering the suits and they came right away. The only issue that we had is that my best man did not measure his thigh properly and his pants were a little snug. My suggestion to avoid this, would be measure yourself, then measure a pair of good fitting pants/shirt/jacket and find a measurement that is in the middle. Besides that, I love my suit and use it for a number of the formal events that I attend throughout the year. With this being said, if you know that you are unlikely to use the suit again in the next year or so I can totally get behind the idea of renting!

Luckily, whatever you choose, there are plenty of vendor options, and I hope this has helped in making your decision!