Cycling Bryce

Cycling Bryce

If you have not heard it before, I LOVE sports. for 10 years I played football for my high school (Notre Dame) in Brampton, for my city’s Rep leage team, and at the University of McMaster. Over those years, I absolutely loved the team comrodry, and structure of working towards goals. Once I finished playing, I found that I really struggles to fill the hole that playing football left for me.

On the one side, I kept up in the weight room and – at my lowest point – lost 80 lbs – but in doing so, I felt so isolated as the gym I attended didn’t have a strong group of regulars that I felt overly connected to and so I slowly stopped spending so much time inside the gym pumping iron. At this point, I found photography which has definitely filled my need for social interaction which I was a little lost without after football and have absolutely loved doing over the last 4 years! But now that I have found myself settling in as a wedding photographer, and wanting to cut back from shooting 30 weddings a year – with a fulltime job – I have started to get back into my normal routine of excersizing.

This started last year where my new years resolution was to run a marathon, which I did on October 20 in the Niagara Internation Marathon, where I ran from Buffalo State University to the brink of the falls! And has now turning into signing up for a few triathlons this year! So, while on a rest day, I used my extra time to grab a few selfies in my basement gym. Hope you enjoy!

If you want to fallow a few of my friends and I on our triathlon journey, check us out on instagram at Team Thrive Tri and KW Tri Club