Middle Eastern Food Go Tango

Middle Eastern Food Go Tango

Go Tango is the perfect restaurant for the family of group of friends who want both Middle Eastern food as well as some classic Western classics. With the menu holding a delicious Falafel and Shawerma, but also a kickass Chicken Burger!

They have two locations in Hamilton, with one in DT Hamilton and the other in Ancaster. On top of providing quick service, both stores also offer catering for any and all of your work or family functions.

The big deals food from the Middle East & the West
The dishes are so good, you are gonna wanna order double 😉
Middle Eastern Beef Platter
Don’t underestimate their garlic dip either.
Middle Eastern Chicken & Rice
Chicken Burger
This delicious Chickenburger is definitely a must try when you hit up Go Tango.
Delicious Potatoes dishes
Go Tango main food dishes
Some of the best middle eastern dishes in town!
Middle Eastern Salad
Fresh ingrediants make their salad’s incredibly delicious!

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