Matt + Esthera Wedding

Matt + Esthera Wedding

Matt and Esthera met at Laurier University at a club night and while Esthera took Matt as just another football jock, Matt found himself very smitten by Esthera and after stricking up a few conversations Matt finally got her number and after a date Esthera realized there was a little more substance to this football jock, and well that encounter has since lead to their beautiful baby Lily, as well as an amazing day for the two of them, their friend and their families.

With a full day of wedding festivities I first met up with Esthera at the House of Mann in Brampton to get her hair done and we had a ton of fun!

We then headed back to meet up with Esthera’s family and her bride’s maids to snake, get dressed and have their makeup put on. While getting ready, we had a ton of fun with baby Lily, as she was looking so cute in her mama’s wedding gown – from Sophie’s Gow Shoppe in Kitchener. During this time I was able to grab some stunning bridal portraits of Esthera before her mom and friends helped her get into her dress!

On Matt’s side, it was a ton of fun hanging out and capturing the day as I know Matt from High School where we played next to each other on the Defensive Line at Notre Dame in Brampton! So it was really fun to hear that I knew two of his groomsmen as they played football with me in high school and university as well, so while I had not kept in contact with them, it is always funny how things just pick up where the left off with old teammates.

At the ceremony, I was blown away by the beauty of the venue with the glorious willow tree and the beautiful Gazebo owned by Carl’s, so I made sure to include them as much as possible, while capturing the couple’s nuptuals.

After the couple said their I Dos and we had eatten dinner, we hit the dance floor and everyone one bringing their A game, so I had a ton of fun mingling and enjoying the fun had by all on the dance floor.